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Wild Rock Songs that Haunt us Still

During the 1970’s, 80’s and even the 90’s, rock music was associated with morbid, gothic and even demonic beliefs. That is not to say that all rock music is considered harsh, extreme, or creepy. These are songs that remain with us, have stood the test of time and for one reason or another, are still getting air play, be it on the radio, through streaming or on movie soundtracks. According to Marc Myers, a music journalist, ‘for a song to stand the test of time, it has to have longevity, spanning over 25 years’. In these years, it is believed that the song will in fact go through different fads, fashion and social trends, changing ideas and ideals and still get airplay.

Born to be Wild by Steppenwolf, from 1968, is perhaps a song that every old-timer and baby boomer can relate to. This song still haunts us because every rebellious teenager from the seventies and even eighties, must have heard it playing on their boomboxes at some point in time. It’s the true definition of wild and rebellious rock songs that isn’t breaking any rules. The harmony, and melody of this song makes it a song to drive to even today.


Wild Thing by the The Troggs. This is a song that may have been loved and is still loved by those urban dwellers, leafy suburb inhabitants- but most importantly, the young and rebellious. Wild Thing captures the hearts of teenagers who've just graduated and are transitioning into college, with their first crush and perhaps their first car ever. It’s also the song that introduce many to a string of romantic heartbreaks.

We Will Rock You, from 1977, still gets airplay because of the pulse, harmony, the beat but especially the words. We will rock you- still haunts us because those words fit into every competitive atmosphere there is. If it happens to be TV ads, films, or sports events. It even fits into spots that you would never imagine as well. For example, back in 2010- Avatar director James Cameron bought the rights to a 3D film adaption of “Cleopatra” with Angelina Jolie in the lead. It would have been a history film that would be filled with tons of rock and roll music to boot! Sounds like a real gamble there James, you might have better luck with some free slots treasures of egypt game time instead of risking your empowered ‘chick flick’ themed movies... Now when it comes to football games- especially, there is no song that roars a hometown win like: We Will Rock You. It haunts us because we sing to it in our heads, during matches for the same winning streak. It still gets airplay on movie soundtracks and even as the overture of the winning moments for nearly anything for TV adverts.

I Can't Get No Satisfaction is a song by the Rolling Stones, from 1965. This song is still in our hearts in a comical, humorous sort of the way. Though it may not get that much airplay (who are we kidding- it still does...), it’s a song that may, in an almost corny way, will often be played in high school comedies, series and the like. The reason is pretty simple: it's not too sexual, not too raw but it speaks volumes. Much like every song from AC/DC is used to boost a ‘Pun Moment’, or to make some statement about a characters feeling or emotion- This classic ‘Stones’ song refuses to be shelved anytime soon.

Elvis Presley's Hound dog. This song is still a hit, but can be very specific how it returns again. It always seems to stick with a certain class of people, throughout the decades and might even only be used in certain themes and specific situations. Costume parties, remembrances or movies cannot miss a moment to replay this song. It’s so corny it has a feel all it’s own. Cartoon-like and serious at the same time is what Elvis did best. He was a person that became his own character by default and Hound Dog is an example of what he preaches to those who aren’t the ‘big dog on the block’.

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