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Although, as we all know, there is nothing ordinary about rock music. There are some things that even we can't comprehend. So for all the good, bad, and ugly of rock. Find it in only one place, this place.

What major Rock Bands should go away?

We all know of those rock bands that no one can seem to figure out or rock bands with the kind of music you wouldn't want to listen to more than once. All the worst rock bands that have ever graced rock music, we know them and we would want you to know them too. Every rock band comes onto the scene because they believe they have something great to offer. Unfortunately, a few of them miss the mark. For information about all the major rock bands that should go away, I got you covered.

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The 6 most disturbing Rock shocking rumors that were true in 2018. Well then- 2018 has been quite an adventurous year, especially when it comes to rock music and rock bands. The band breakups, the feuds, the false rumors, and those rumors that actually turned out to be true. Most of these events came as a surprise to a lot of people, myself included. But anyway, who doesn't love a little drama. For all the craziest stories in rock that turned out to be true in 2018. Look no further than this page. Some of these tales are absolutely insane and will have you holding your hand over your mouth in disbelief.

What were the ultimate rock albums of the year?

I don't know about you but this year has been memorable in rock music. There are rock albums that just took the cake. Albums that offer not just one or two great songs but the whole package is absolutely incredible. In this section, I'll be listing rock albums that had rock fans going mental. Albums that did not miss on any rock fan's listening list. Basically, the ultimate rock albums of the year. This is the ultimate collection, if you're a hardcore rock fan, you wouldn't want to miss it Its one of those things you must know.

Rock has deep historic roots from the past?

That’s right! For every time you’ve seen some movie on Netflix where the ancient Vikings were beating the crap out of ice zombies or the newest Angelina Jolie ‘love-comedy-sci fi-thriller’ where she’s Cleopatra- the Demon Queen of Egypt, you’ll hear a thunderous rock and roll beat that goes hand in hand! Believe it or not, you might be more interested in playing a free cleopatra slot game that may even entertain you more than anything else streaming these days. The best part is that these games are totally free and worth checking out when you have a chance. Aside from that we’ll also be devoting a section here to iconic history movies that have rockin’ music scenes mixed in.

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Wild rock songs that haunt us still As we all know, there is such a thing as a scary song, especially in rock music. I mean some beats are just out of this world and calling some rock lyrics wild is almost an understatement. Some of these songs have us questioning a lot of things, and wondering how the hell the writers came up with those songs. In this section, I'll present to you wild rock songs that haunt us still. The good, the bad and the ugly, they are all here. So check this out, discover wild rock songs you didn't know about and see if any songs that are wild in your opinion made the list.

Rockin and bloggin