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The ultimate Rock albums of the year

Did you know that rock is still a thriving genre even in the last quarter of 2018? Moreover, there are new artists who are now dominating the list of the ultimate Rock albums of the year. For fuzzed-out guitars fanatics, this is the year to enjoy impressive performances from your favorite artists. There is no doubt that 2018 is going to be a dream come true to rock fans. The long awaited best albums of rock music 2018 will leave you yearning for more music. 2018 is going to be a fruitful year for rock fanatics as they are yet to hear lots of performances from genre defining bands as well as the lovable indie groups. These albums are surely gong to gather a lot of positive reviews because they are anything short than the best rock albums of the year.

tompetty-an-american-treasure-d2c-packshotDaughters — You Won't Get What You Want

An album that was recently released, builds off the groove as well as melody. This album offers a common element, the Groove and there is no doubt that it offers a punishing drum work. You need to listen to this album ad experience a four-piece expanding and darkening the tonality. You will like the effect of guitar and definitely a more like an alien sounding keyboard effect.

Black Foxxes — REIAI

A British rock that comprises of more of shiver-inducing as well as goose bump raising thrill. This is unlike other rock music that you ever listened to REIAI, which means "Rage. in English, is a colorful album that you need to hear now.

Tom Petty- An American Treasure

This album is refreshing as it contains amazing solo songs as well as some of the recordings done by his previous band: The Heartbreakers. This album is a reflection of hard work of a rocker who was not taken seriously. Now, the rock appears as a giant because of the beautiful and unique work he has done.

The Xcerts - Hold on to Your Heart

This is one such album that is going to set your house (as well as your love of rock) on fire. The album wants listeners to have it all This album was released by the Scottish trio-. The album focuses mainly on light and dark, which it is believed to be life. This is a must have album in your collection and you are definitely going to love it.

Parquet Courts - Wide Awake, on this album

You will find yourself singing most of the time instead of listening. It is sweet and mainly associated with hardcore as well as Funkadelic. Even though Hardcore is somehow associated with angry music, it makes people feel positive.

Still yearning for more? Here’s some more bands that also hit the 2018 Rock album list:

Ezra Furman - Transangelic Exodus

Neil Young, Roxy- Tonight's the Night Live

Mitski -Be the Cowboy

Our Girl - Stranger Today

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