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The 6 most disturbing Rock shocking rumors that were true in 2018

Rock music is a salient music genre that’s been celebrated for decades since it was introduced in the early 50’s. Other than noisy entertainment that fuels the fury and angst within our minds, rock music is surrounded by a lot of rumors and scandals. Even though the music scene is associated with these whispered urban legends ranging from alcohol to drugs as well as sex, there are so many more strange rumors that you are defiantly going to hear about rock music. Moreover, most of these rumors are untrue and should not influence how we celebrate our favorite artists. Nonetheless, this article discusses some of the most shocking rumors about Rockers that were finally confirmed in 2018:

marilyn-manson-live-20001. According to internet rumors, Charles Manson participated in song writing for the ‘Beach Boys’ back in 1968. A fascinating rumor that quickly went around town where ‘Charlie’ was helping with their song writing duties after befriending wildman of the band ‘Dennis Wilson’. It was confirmed recently that after Charles was finally dead in prison last November of 2017, which pointed to two composed songs that were in fact written by the infamous Manson. The songs were recorded, but are in fact a slightly altered version which did not credit Manson as the writer -yet have striking similarities that show these songs were authored by this cult leader turned killer.

2. Michael Jackson was working together with a certain famous Hedgehog? The self-proclaimed King of pop fanatics as well as other people from the internet started rumor mongering that Michael Jackson sounded the same as his friend Sonic the Hedgehog. The fans learned about it after listening to the background music that was produced for Sonic the Hedgehog 3, released back in 1994! Later nearly 20 years after the fact, 3 of the 6 credited soundtrack composers all finally confirmed that MJ actually wrote music for the ‘Sonic 3’ game.

3. As the saying goes, ‘every rumor has some elements of truth in it’- even though most of these rumors are usually confirmed over the Internet. That is until 2018, which might prove to be the greatest year for the new music from the Maynard James Keenan's band “Tool”. Regardless of these rumors, fans are hoping that Tool will indeed release their follow-up to 2006's “10,000 Days” with much anticipation. Band mate drummer Danny Carey latter confirmed that the new tunes will be out by mid-year of 2018. Even though the said rumors of this new album have been circulating for quite so long, it’s true that Tool as well as A Perfect Circle have even performed at the ‘Rock on the Range’ festival in Ohio. One thing is for sure- there will be no new album before the end of 2019 from either band for what it’s worth!

4. Ex-Bassist Bill Wyman from the Rolling Stone had a relationship with a minor. According to internet sources, Wayne supposedly fell in love and later got married to his 13 year old secret admirer. Even though Bill has had a trail of amazing relationships, this shocking rumor caught most people by surprise. At 48 years old, this rocker pursued a happily ad a successful relationship with the minor, Mandy Smith. Smith confirmed that they got intimate when she was barely 14 years old and they tied a knot immediately when she turned 18. While the marriage lasted just a couple of years, in a twist ending, the son of Wyman from his previous marriage ended up getting married to Mandy Smiths’ Mother! Talk about cradle robbing twice over!

5. This was a bit ridiculous though we wish it was just another rumor. Sources had it that Tommy Lee as well as Nikki Sixx relinquished showering for a couple of months. Even though this sounds a little ridiculous, it was indeed confirmed that the two members actually wanted to test how long they can go without taking a shower. Even though they succeeded with their plans without any of them leaking the news, the incident was semi confirmed when a teen fan of Nikki was giving some oral sex to the star back in the 1980’s. The unwashed Nikki Sixx who had slept with multiple girls for months thus caused the teen to become nauseous and had to vomit all over his unwashed tool. Who knows for sure, but no one comes out and says: ‘I was that one who vomited’...

6. Did you know that rumors that the popular Rock star Manson was at one time caught on camera rubbing his manhood on a security guard's head? Unfortunately, this was the sad truth. On July 30, 2001 on his “Guns, God and Government” tour, Manson did something unexpected to an unsuspecting security guard close to the stage. Later in 2002, Manson pleased no contest and paid a mere 4000 bucks, but it didn’t stop there… previously in 2000 on a stage in Minneapolis just-so happened to do the same thing to another frontline security guard. Not until 2003 did the news break that Manson would not be forced to pay any fines and was absolved of any wrongdoing. Later tour dates did advise security people to wear protective hats!

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