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Rock bands that we’re all tired of

It's a shame that some rock bands split up right at the peak of their popularity, causing heartbreak to many of their fans, while other bands overstay in their "relationship" when the passion is dying. Well, no, scratch that. The passion flames still get to others- but the old sparks... Yeah, they're gone too. Seriously, some rock bands have been around for so long that they've raised multiple fan generations. Even our parents had been their fans. Perhaps even our grandparents too. And they're still rocking?!? Don't they get the memo? Let's see what bands we're talking about and why they should have long split up.

AerosmithAerosmith -are they still called "the Bad Boys from Boston"

It's impossible to talk about rock bands that have overstayed in the spotlight and not refer to these Lizardy-geezers. Once leading the charts, still sometimes leading the charts, old fans are getting tired. Sometimes, good things shouldn't last too long. This is one of those cases. Considering the band has a major tour in 2019, closer to their 50th anniversary, and keeping in mind that the farewell concert conversations have been mentioned quite often, maybe we're getting closer to the day these famous rockers call it a day.

U2 -those Irish lads that time forgot

Unlike other bands that don't get the clue, U2 guys know that sooner or later they'll need to "hit the brakes" And they are totally fine with it -But then again, talks about breaking up were present even back in the 90’s, but the band was a lot smarter than others about it. They took enough breaks in between their albums, weren't so much for drug addicts (as far as we know), and still sell out concert halls whenever they tour. Still, we think the time has come for them to take a long vacation without the intentions of coming back. They know it, we know it, fans know it, so why drag it out? How about a follow up album for “Passengers: Original Soundtracks 1”

Limp Bizkit -did it for the nookie, obviously...

Let's get a little modern here. Formed in the 90’s and still performing, Limp Bizkit is one of those rock bands that faced a lot of hatred and displeasure by the audience. And thing is, the band knows it, maybe even better than others. The question remains, why are they still in the game? Resisting some things might not always be such a good idea, yet Kid Rock doesn’t seem to understand this concept either!

Bon Jovi -living on welfare, give me a break!

Not much to say here. We recognize genius when we see one, but when the genius is around for too long... you know what happens. Just like Richie Sambora was tired of the one-man-show that Bon Jovi rocked, we too, think it's time to call the quits on that. The band has not been a group for a very long time. And nothing is a clearer indicator for a split up than that. Besides that- John Bon Jovi will never live down that singing credit on the Christmas Star Wars album!

Metallica -nothing else matters, except packed stadium tours!

With pretty much a full year of concerts scheduled till August 2019, Metallica is one of those rock bands that are just not igniting the same fires they used to. Talk about being old and still going non-stop. That's Metallica right there. But honestly, sometimes it's just good to leave the party when it's still hot in there. Most old school fans agree the band died after bassist: Cliff Burton had died in an Icy road bus crash.

When it comes to major rock bands of the past that are still rocking nowadays, calling it quits in time might be the better alternative to dying slowly from ignorance.

Rockin and bloggin