New York Dolls show was killer!

Man oh Man….the New York Dolls show last nite was so much fun….everyone was just buzzing after the show was over…hope everyone out there get a chance to catch them somewhere….. if you haven’t heard the new Steve Conte record….check it out….it’s really cool. I love that Sami Yaffa, Ginger (from Wild Hearts), and Steve Conte are working together with Michael Monroe….I can’t wait to check that out…....

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NEW YORK DOLLS! / Berlin /Sunday, April 25 / Columbia Club…see you there!

NEW YORK DOLLS! / Berlin /Sunday, April 25 / Columbia Club…see you there!...

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TxT supports The Damned in the UK on May 27 – June 6 shows

Hello everybody…Just wanted to share some great news with you…. Texas Terri Bomb! was invited by The Damned to join them as direct support for 10 shows on their upcoming UK Tour….TxT will be playing the May 27 – June 6 dates….and I couldn’t be more excited about this….I have not had time to post the dates/cities with the show info on the web yet….but will as soon as i can….in the meantime, you can check out the dates/cities at The Damned’s myspace page…. I am putting together a group of musicians in London for these shows…..the bass player and the drummer are actually from spain and now living in london….pretty cool!…I fly to London on May 6 to start working with them…. Seems like it is working out better for me to put together a group of musicians in countries all over Europe….reason being, I can go out on and stay out on  tour easier this way….and it’s going to be a lot of fun for me to meet and play with musicians all over Europe….it’s really exciting to have musicians in my band(s) that are already Texas Terri Bomb! fans and are excited about playing with me…..I haven’t this alive in 10 years….and this gives me an opportunity to really get to know people and the countries better in Europe which is one of the top reasons I moved over here…. so if there are any musicians out there reading this and are interested in putting together a kick ass group of musicians to tour in your country or area anywhere in the world, shoot me an email at…. …. As I’ve already written, I go to the UK to do the shows with The Damned from May 27 – June 6… On June 7, I go directly to Goteborg, Sweden to start rehearsals with the Swedish musicians that will be backing me up for my June 11 – June 19 shows in Sweden….gonna be a busy time for me….and loads of fun!…the dates for Sweden are already listed on Earlier this year in March, I went to Dortmund, Germany to start demo’ing songs for my next record….I’m working there with my friend Mike Zero ( …I love working with him and I love his music….we got 3 songs demo’ed so far…and will be working on songs together in the upcoming months….it’s a little tricky to get as much done as we’d like to get done with all of our touring and what not….but it will get done….I don’t like to make predictions on time frame for when we will be ready to record the...

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L.A. EX, What’s next?…Kevin K / TxT “Firestorm” review

hey hey everybody….lot’s to report….but time is short right now….man, i want to come to spain so badly….maybe i can have something booked for me in october at the latest…. here is a link for a review of “Firestorm” Kevin K / TxT release…. i’ll write more later….hope everyone is doing fine….lot’s of love and magic, texas terri...

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Berlin Show

Man oh Man. Last nite’s record release party for “Firestorm”  here in Berlin with Kevin K was off the hook. I really enjoyed singing the songs from the new record with them, plus a couple of other songs. They really feel what they play. That makes all the difference. I’ll write some more later. I’m off to meet them for breakfast. Tonite I will go see The Duel from London. Tara, the singer is like the punk rock Marianne Faithful. Amazing. Check them out on myspace. I will also see another UK band, The Tights. I haven’t seen them before but looking forward to it. Hope everyone is having an incredible rock & roll weekend….love, texas terri...

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Rock ´n Fuckin´ Roll

just thinking about how much i love my fans….i really got get another full on euro tour going…..i need a band of road dogs that are not in 6 other bands…it really gets complicated working out tours around other musician’s other bands schedules…..but i’ll hang in there and keep going like i always do….. i remember when Peaches started out… was just her and she had her music playing behind her as she sang and entertained….it was killer!!!!…that girl can command the audience’s attention all by herself….she’s amazing…, which is years later….she has a band backing her up…. because i’ve always had a band backing me up….i don’t think i could get away with just having my music going and me singing to it without a backing band…..i sure wish i could though……sometimes i feel like i’m in prison having to have a band……i hope i don’t sound like a bitch or a snob….i just get more done when i’m by myself….. oh well, maybe next lifetime…..i just wanna be a rock n’ roll vagabond….....

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