“Have You got the Time to Find Out Who I Really Am”

I was a normal girl once. I took ballet lessons and was a cheerleader. I grew up in a dysfunctional family 45 minutes outside of New York City on the Jersey side. I was one of twelve kids, the second to the youngest. I had a pretty rock bottom childhood. I was abused and neglected a very rare combination. It only got worse when my mom became a born again Christian because I already had a very strict Italian father. I was a mess by the...

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You Look Like a Star But Your Still on the Dole

I have often felt like people like me and you are part of a gang or maybe a rock and roll army. But I have often thought about what it is that makes us “rockers”, the thing that makes us want to live by our own rules, the thing that makes us want to dye our hair, stand out from the crowd, crank it up really high and shun the establishment…what is it? If you&#39re reading this then you are most likely one of us....

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Today I Made History

Hello all you misfits and vampires, low-lives and rock and roll junkies…it seems appropriate that my first blog on this page should be the day my solo album is released. I am still in shock that I have made this record.  I am delighted at the amazing reviews it has got so far. If you liked my previous band NY Loose I know you will love this album. Its more raw more punk rock and 100% Brijitte West! It features a duet with Jesse...

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